SmoothSculpt and DermaRadiance

SmoothSculpt™ and  DermaRadiance™

Today men and women want to enjoy smooth flawless looking  Revitalize your skin in a holistic, non-invasive approach that smooth's, lifts, tightens and contours.  There is no downtime after treatments and no injections. 

You'll notice a smooth, more defined complexion after the first treatment.  For optimal results a series of 6 treatments is recommended back-to-back followed by once a month maintenance.  

Consider SmoothSculpt to improve the appearance of your:
      * face 
      * neck
      * stomach
      * back
      * upper arms

Who can benefit from SmoothSculpt?  Women and men all ages and skin types.

What does SmoothScuplt do?  This luxurious and very relaxing treatment helps to tighten, tone, detox and smooth your skin. 

*Facial treatment- 60 minutes - $100.00

*Body treatment- 50 to 75 minutes per area - $75.00 to $135.00

Your treatment will finish with an Ultimate Lift Collagen Mask with Milk & Honey. This mask will hydrate, firm, tighten, calm, cool, minimizes pores, reduces puffiness and stressed skin. Naturally moisturizes, calms and tones, balances your skin and improves collagen. 

The professional recommendation for best results is 6 SmoothSculpt treatments within a 3 week period.  A maintenance program of 1 SmoothSculpt treatment each month consistently for best and lasting results. 

DermaRadiance™ by Satin Smooth is breakthrough technology in microdermabrasion. DermaRadiance Pure Flower Peel is a gentle, wholesome approach to smooth, beautiful skin like nature intended. DermaRadiance treatments are most often facials, but this service can also be used on your back.

DermaRadiance respects the integrity of the skin and provides a simple approach to healthy, youthful-looking skin for men and women of all ages. The treatment has been developed with sophisticated technology to exfoliate the skin while providing natural nutrients such as Satin Smooth's botanicals and serums to revitalize the skin. DermaRadiance works to bring skin back to its healthy-looking state, gently and effectively.

 *Facial treatment- 50 minutes - $90.00

 *Back treatment- 45 minutes - $95.00

*Recommended  paired with DermaRadiance exfoliation crystal free treatment